Thursday, 20 August 2009

Free Samples of Amie if we're good enough!! ;))

Right - so it's official - EVERYONE has to become friends with Amie Skincare on facebook and become fans of their page and write on their wall and join the group and do whatever we can to make them feel popular enough because if we do then they are going to send out free samples to some people! Bring on the Amie products! I have fallen in love with the new mask they have brought out - oh but a handy hint... don't use a whole sachet on two people, me and my sister did it and our faces were covered so thickly in the mask we looked like aliens! Haha - the sachets last about 4 go's... Helpful hint number two - vaseline on your eyelashes stops them getting damaged by mascaras so if you've got no lash primer then use that!

I hope that some people actually read this! Please comment to let me know! X

Friday, 24 July 2009


Forgot to say the other day the stuff I was talking about is available at You can buy Freederm at Boots and it's the strongest stuff you can get without subscription but it might be behind the counter... Great thing about these products is that they work in a day or two!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Hi Everyone,

I've recently been finding the best products for amazingly clear skin and feel it's my duty to let anyone who I can know about them. I think the secret to good looks lies in clear glowing skin - forget high cheek bones and big lips, you can have all of that and bad skin and it's instantly unattractive.

I'm young myself and have been through many different stages for my skin - I've tried an incredibly wide range of products. What I've found is that you can't use products which are too harsh even if they feel like they are doing something while you wash your face. Clearasil for example or Clean and Clear have the same acid that one puts on verucas which basically just burns wholes in your skin so in the long run is really bad for you and will almost undoubtedly leave you feeling dry...

What I find is that any natural products are definitely the best for normal/greasy skin and those with just normal spots instead of achne. I use Amie skincare now because it's 95% natural ingredients and none of it leaves you greasy and it actually clears your pores.

For example the moisturiser MORNING DEW Matte-Finish Moisturiser which is very cheap - £4.95 and it lasts ages because you don't need to use too much - leaves you not looking shiny! Which, we all know is usually not what moisturisers do. It kind of acts as a foundation so you don't need to clog up your skin - just a bit of cover up (my mum found the best tea-tree lipstick style cover up online which actually is good for your skin by the way - remind me to find out where you get that from for you) and you're set.

You can get this online or at Boots and in other selected stores and it's such a good buy. The whole range is brilliant to be honest.

That's better for young fresher skin and clears any normal sports. For mild/strong achne I would definitely reccomend buying the Amie MORNING CLEAR Purifying Daily Facewash and washing with it twice a day and applying Freederm after each wash. It's absolutely fantastic stuff which will start working after only a few days of use... It's pretty expensive though which is why it works so well with Amie because you can save on that rather than blowing all the money on an Eve Lom exfoliating glove!

I hope that people find this blog helpful - I just used to get so annoyed not being able to find the right sort of advice on what to do for clear skin and beauty matters that I thought I should do it myself. And I have to say once you understand it it's all about the ingredients. So keep looking out and give me any tips you've got...